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A Quick Note on Duality by Sash

Dear Readers,

Happy new year! We made it, which essentially means that we're still here, in the same situation, with maybe a shred more optimism now that the numbers on the calendar have changed.

This month at Tealight Press we're thinking about duality, since January is named for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and duality, amongst other things. It feels as though the world as a whole is in two states right now: the one where everything is crumbling, jobs are disappearing and people are dying, and the other where capitalism still forces us to go to school and work and urges the world to keep turning like nothing's happened.

Having a decision you're in two minds about can be more frustrating than ever. Well, actually, does anyone even have plans any more? The loss of agency when the things that gave life texture (visiting coffee shops, exercise classes, catching up with friends, going outside) have dwindled into smoke is... well, it's hard not to feel separated from the things that make us ourselves.

Duality isn't always about being torn or separated, though. Dual things can exist in tandem, from shared cultures and heritage along family lines, to yin and yang, to the age-old saying of 'opposites attract' in cherished friendships. Differences and opposites don't have to be bad things. (I'm trying to be deep, but in all honesty, my mind is on chocolate and peanut butter whilst writing this.)

Perhaps you're considering all the visual metaphors associated with duality: imagery of the sun and moon, or two sides of the same coin. Light as both a particle and a wave. Points and planes in geometry with interchangeable roles.

Or maybe all you can focus on right now are the dual screens at your home work station as you plod towards the end of another work day, trying to separate home and work life whilst they co-exist under the same roof.

Literal, metaphorical, written or visual, we eagerly await your submissions this month and hope that our little ramble about duality has inspired you!

Wishing you peace, power and prosperity,


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