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A Quick Note on 'Confessions' by Sash

Dear Readers and Contributors,

I confess... it's hard to believe it's November already. Our humble litmag shuffles along at a modest and steady pace, and we've been deeply honoured by the wealth of confessional pieces we've received this month. You've poured out your hearts about everything from bisexual stigma to the simple joys of eating ice cream, and we're grateful to every last one of you for emailing us.

I feel like I'm leading a bit of a double life lately. My postcards home are light-hearted accounts of city lights and upcoming ski trips, but my journals detail explorations into polyamory and kink that I would never have imagined a few years ago. It's as though I'm peeling back more and more layers of myself to find things underneath that I didn't know were there, like part of me was holding back until the rest of me was ready.

I haven't been writing as much as I would like to. I'm grumpy because I haven't done much exercise lately. I need more iron and vitamin C. I'm becoming addicted to these little cheese flavoured goldfish crackers. So, I'm still me, but... more so, with new bits appearing all the time. And, I confess, I'm still stressed as hell with the state of the world and often feel a panic that's almost suffocating.

So, that's me, this month. No fancy editorial, just a sense of openness to reciprocate our lovely submissions this month.

Thank you as always for supporting Tealight Press!

Wishing you all peace, power and prosperity,


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