Image by Teddy Österblom


Tealight Press is a new online literary journal that is focused on uplifting and showcasing the talents of the Queer community. At the start of every month we will announce a theme. We accept submissions up until a week before the end of the month and try to publish on a rolling basis (depending on how many submissions we receive!)

We are looking for work featuring LGBTQI+ and Queer themes and characters. 


Tealight Press is curated by Matt and Sash, and was founded in the summer of 2020.

Matt (he/him) is a queer writer. He is interested in all things pop-culture and counter-culture. He has a degree in English Lit, and is working on his first novel. He can be found on twitter @mattpaperback. 

Sash (they/them) is a queer, non-binary writer. They like sci-fi, pole fitness and improv comedy. They have a podcast, Canon Or Not? and have previously been published in various online presses. They can be found on twitter @Sp1ritJam.